Welcome to the global Laboratory.


   An example of a nice clean avenue of research we can and should pursue, is the technology behind the ARK OF THE COVENANT.




 As a research project, is a perfect place to start and a worthwhile Venture, since the ARK of the Covenant held the remains of the original Ten Commandments, and is by design, literally a unipolar Capacitor containing objects which were once touched by God, and is as such, said to of enabled and served as a communcation device between Moses and God, which is extremely interesting since scripture says it must be kept in the shade, and carried by insulative wooden poles, and should of, as a large capacitor, given off a corona discharge which could of formed an audio signal as has been proven by modern science to be very easy to do. (plasma arc speakers)


   Over the course of time large numbers of research projects and otherwise products may become available and found here, however to get to products and new avenues of research will take time and effort, and a GREAT DEAL OF CAUTION, ETHICAL CONCERN, MORAL OBJECTIONS, FOCUSED POLARITY, and SAFE GUARDS AGAINST DOING, AND ALLOWING FOR ANYTHING WHICH CAN BE CONSIDERED AS NEGATIVE, or of the dark side.


   IN ANY GIVEN BRANCH LOCATION spiritual research may be pursued on mondays, as the day for metaphysical considerations, however no operational experiments or procedures may be carried out unless it's every detail is known to and approved by LOCAL church leadership, in assuring NOTHING EVIL is being attempted.  WE CAN STUDY NATURE, AND GOD, AND SPIRITUALITY, but only if we do so cleanly, nicely, godly, and with a focus on good goals, and positive results.


  It must be made a matter of fact, as if it is written in stone that all Church associated efforts into Spiritual Science Research and ARTS is limited to what can be considered as POSITIVELY CHARGED efforts even if using electrically negative e- charged objects, which means on the goals and purpose is on side of LIGHT not DARKNESS, and otherwise focused on testing and evidence based science worthy data which can lead us towards being able to prove as a part of our reality that a spiritual realm exists.   Such that by doing so, we give credit to the magical realm of God the creator and all spiritual aspects of reality which may transcend our material universe and our limited sciences.

      It is of the utmost importance that WE FORBID AND PREVENT ANY NOTIONS OF USING OR WORKING WITH DARK MAGIC research, and we MUST NOT fall prey to the false stupidity that says that we just need to use things like animal sacrafice or otherwise life force that we might succeed, because if that were TRUE and possible then all the endless bloodletting of animals throughout history would of moved mountains and that is just not the case, and failure must be recognized, and the use of blood and animals in ANY FORM OF SPIRITUAL RESEARCH is clearly not a worthy path to pursue, and is as such, besides being very stupid, sick and messy, is all completely disgusting AND UNGODLY, AND THEREFORE FORBIDDEN.



     The pursuit of modern spiritual religious research should follow along the lines which science naturally suggests, which is power, energy, fields, photons, induction, radiation, coherance, resonance, mutual induction, reactance, and otherwise all forms of quantum entanglement, which serves as the foundations for a new realm of spiritual religious research.

     Put another way, the pursuit of spiritual religious research WILL be expensive, requiring abundant man power, and large testing grounds with long term investments into goals and programs which may lead to unlimited possibilitities. Yet, as such, WILL ALWAYS BE a limited side study venture of the overall goals and purpose of the EMPIRICAL ORDER, simply because we cannot justify investment into large scale programs for SPIRITUAL RESEARCH, unless some extreme wealthy individual member chooses to donate to fund such risky human potential advancement research. Therefore such is offered up to people in our churches laboratories globally to research as they are able in hopes that some one, some where, will make some great discovery or advancement which allows us to move one step closer to our goals of seeking our God in and across the heavens.

     In the end it is a worthy avenue of research to pursue, and if we develop what amounts to JEDI powers along the way then so much the better, but otherwise, if we can but bring to reality as a truth that a spiritual realm exists, then we grow ever closer and closer to being able to prove a God exists, and perhaps communicating with that God, and one day in the vast distant future, travel to the boundless ends of our spatial universe and cross over into the God plane to stand before God in the outer 'God plane' realm, and show ourselves, prove ourselves worthy to stand there in his presense, simply by having found the means to get there.

     To stand before God, as mortal beings who traveled and left our entire space and time universe to find God outside of it, would be as such, the ultimate fullfillment of human potential.      It is a goal worth seeking.

     I, and you, should honestly just wish we could be in the crew of the space craft which is finally able to leave our entire space and time universe and land or even crash at God's feet, as that would be the greatest honor possible.


We can not do everything ourselves, we need your help.