QUESTION :   Which is more valuable?


a)  A digital clock you buy for $20 dollars?

b) A digital clock you design and build from scratch?


a) A couch or chair you buy for a few hundred dollars?

b) A couch or chair you designed and built by hand?


a) Something / anything you buy for money?

b) Something / anything made for you by a child, a parent, a grand parent,  or a grand child?




The fact is, anything you buy with Dollars is never worth more than what you paid for it with Dollars.


Yet..  anything you or a loved one build, from kits, from scatch, from trash, from anything, forming something hand made and unique, like a CLOCK, or a COUCH, or TABLE, OR CHAIR, OR ANYTHING.... becomes PRICELESS, because it was either made by your own two hands, or made for you by someone you love.



It is literally in this way that the laboratory is designed to allow people to not just train themselves, and educate themselves, and improve themselves on a constant regular basis, but to do so, by starting, working on, developing and completing abundant worthwhile projects which can provide ones life with objects which can literally be considered PRICELESS.


  In this way, the Empirical church works to bring TRUE VALUE back into peoples lives who have been lost in consumerism of material goods which in reality have little to no real value.





Consists of MANY catagories.

1) Personal, privately funded projects. (No limit)

2) Church sanctioned and funded research and development.

3) Global collaboration attempting to solve serious CHALLENGES   in science of great value and importance.




   When a church is built in your neighborhood, it will offer some shared work space, construction tools, lab and  test equipment use, storage space, and otherwise the support of the intellectual body and mind of church participants.  However, should an active member using church work space develop and invent any item of great value as to be worthy of PATENT, then it should be considered as agreed that said product or invention would be 50/%  owned by the Church, and 50%  owned by the individual church member who lead and ran the product project development and research efforts.   In this way, should said member seek to profit from said invention, the church can fully support said goals as 50% of the long term gains from said invention and it's sales can serve the cause of serving the lord, and bringing  greater benefit to church charity efforts.




     Each standing Empirical Church will be under an obligation to pursue specific plans of research and development as resources and ability progresses.

   Specifically, local church members who lack any personal goals or project motivation, shall be assigned towards long term development programs and made to develop their skills by way of simple pre-planned projects to improve their skills and train them to become more valuable assets to the organization and our world.

   These training programs form the core of what is a church run rehablitation program to help people in need rise above their problems and seek to be all they can be.

   This same training program is available to the public at large, however public members who do not join the order, are not under the obligation to follow strict orders and procedural protocals for standards of behavior and actions.


   The self development program is described here : SELF BRAINWASHING

It is literally that, a program were by you self determine your own goal, and on purpose engage in washing out all the old crap from your mind, and plant anew a serious  new standard and pattern for your self to live by, and transform yourself mentally into the person you  seek to be.  It is not a goal you can achieve, but it is a goal to strive for over a life time and hence forth allow for life long self improvement and development.


  Other than this, the church would actively pursue projects for the long term gain of the species, namely building cooperatively a massive space base for our use between the Earth and the moon, to allow for large scale ship construction and material processing of ores from the moon to be used  in interplanetary ship building.


   These goals and project tasking to build the foundations to make doing these projects possible is discussed as part of OPERATION EARTH, which is the official project tasking of Empirical Church personel to get the job of ending global poverty done.


Until such time as we and our work staff are up to the task, main church project planning will be based on education projects to educate the membership body to be able to take on more complcated tasks over time, as they are trained.    Training in the fundamentals of electronics, engineering, the use of equations and the doing of the math in abundance to have faith on paper that projects we task ourselves with can actually work.  From building a clock, to starting a business, one must study it's function, operation, and it's many parts, their values and uses and how they will work together to form and run as a clock or business.  It is the individual efforts to learn and figure out how to do, and build these projects, that trains people while empowering them with worthwhile life skills they can actually make use of in this world.


In the long term it seems wise to direct all personal and church efforts towards becoming operationally viable for three  major long term projects. Which is sub-orbital massive balloon bases (floating cities), leading to a massive orbital base made from modular sections such as cargo containers to form a massive hanger to build many giant and heavily shielded  interplanetary vehicles to safely expand to Venus and Mars orbits, using materials mined from a LUNAR MINING OPERATION.