When otherwise lacking in projects to pursue, members are asked to take on challenges, and to study to develop the skills to try and take on such chalenges, such as found in PROJECT ONE, PROJECT TWO, AND PROJECT THREE,  as all part of our long term goal oreintated investment plans to ensure and make possible the survival and expansion of our species.




It is very simple, you are asked to design a complete wiring, equipment and computer control system for a self guiding balloon transport system to lift a 45,000 lb cargo container and deliver it to any spot on earth, using little more than the wind to do the work.

  The very idea of taking on this task as a design project goal, forces the disciple to immediately recognize what knowledge he lacks, and to begin a self guided course of study to fill in these blanks, so that over time, they can not only build a clock to put in a blimp cockpit, but can design the power, and electrical and physcial engineering aspects of the entire vehicle with confidence .   One step at a time, one project at a time, one learning lesson at a time, and with each step an advance in their ability to do math, reason, calculate, use a soldering iron, use test equipment etc, such that as long as they pursue the goals of being able to design by themselves these large scale projects,  they are automatically learning the skills needed to expand their minds and abilities to be useful to them in their daily lives, and by working together with other people they can more easily accomplish goals and increase each persons rate of learning, by having others ask and answer difficult and important questions.


  Other than this, there are other bold challenges to be taken on, such as design and development challenges of great value to the species : 

  NAMELY -----   

ARK OF THE COVENANT technology to use in communcation.

FUEL-LESS propulsion tecnnology (in space),  pure energy propulsion so no chemical physcial fuel needs to be expelled.

A-NEUTRONIC FUSION systems, with very low GAMMA issues.

SHIELDING TECH of all kinds, because the only way we can build nice simple space craft, is if we have force fields to shield us from all cosmic rays, and high velocity particles like grains of sand moving at super hyper velocities, otherwise all space craft for human habitation and use beyond the close proximity of Earth will require very thick shielding, such as 100 feet of solid ice and rock, on all sides.   Making the building of such heavily shieldined craft expensive and difficult, as well as very heavy and costly to move.


SAFE NEUTRONIC FUSION SYSTEMS, for energy and H3 / T3  fuel production.

HOME WALL BASED GARDENING SYSTEMS, with system lighting to allow even apartment dwellers to grow viable amounts of food on their internal home walls, without excess mess or fuss, OR BUGS.  IF your going to have internal lights, they may as well grow you some food, and potentially for those who want it, enough to actually eat.

NON-PHOTON DIRECTED ENERGY BEAMS , which of course means...     Phasers, Blasters, and all manner of sci-fi weapons tech.

ANTI-GRAVITY TECHNOLOGY, as discussed in God theory.

WEATHER MODIFICATION AND CONTROL, as described in God theory.

META-PHYSCIAL TECH...  which really has no limits and can lead to anything from catching a Ghost, or in some way proving or making repeatable some form of evidence that proves, or helps lead to proving a spiritual world exists.    The proving of a spiritual world, would in itself be the most profound and world changing event in history, because it would prove all Atheists wrong, and show God theory, an after life, spiritis without bodies, and angels and Demons and all such religious nonsense to be actually possible and in evidence, thus, helping to prove a God exists, and would convert the world into believers.     But the evidence must be convincing. 






Please use this form to PUT FORTH any proposals or considerations you may have towards solving for these listed challenges, or perhaps you wish to promote a challenge which is in need of addressing. 

  Do not hesitate to try and be all you can be and pursue to take on all the obsticles which stand before you.    Obsticles exist to be overcome.